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Quantify growth
Quantify growth
Achieve more results faster with the Outlier Edge™ for entrepreneurs, business owners & corporates.

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"Quintus has that true entrepreneurial spirit. No limit." - Peter

Online Marketing Business Boost

Easily and systematically turn tons of prospects into lifetime valuable customers, buying your services over & over again using quantified user journey automation.

  • Repeated purchases from happy clients

  • More revenue per checkout

  • Higher conversion rates to sales

  • Targeted reach for the best leads

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Data Driven Decisioning Gems

Turn business data into scalable profit centers using advanced analytics & data science consultancy services.

  • Reliable data processing systems

  • From raw data to actionable insights

  • Monitor incoming profit chains

  • Auto-optimizing applications

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Mind Hacking

Hack your mind to unleash unlimited personal potential and break free from self-imposed barriers to success and happiness.

  • Top tier 1-on-1 mind training

  • Seriously fun group workshops

  • Public speaking arrangements

  • On-demand self-paced learnings

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Passionate Purpose

Passionately enjoy your life mission as a real man while dating multiple women and have drama free sensual relationships on your terms.

  • Live your mission & purpose

  • Free your masculine mind

  • Become an independent leader

  • Date multiple women

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Start stacking today.

Accumulate professional and personal success funnels by starting to construct your attraction engine for Five Times The Results™.

After your first steps you will gain momentum and speed. Business milestones set just beyond your horizon come into reach.

Gather a force of energy and impact that keeps you propelling forward as an integrated limitless person. Your mission guides you the correct way.

Measure your progress daily with quantified tracking and target hit estimations. Steer through yet undiscovered territories containing pure golden nuggets.

Continue until you realize that you have become unstoppable. No limits!!

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Which role do you want to play with?

Serial Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur

Startup Co-Founding, Financing & Advisory

Entrepreneurial scaling with money, brains and tools.

Exclusive support ranges from co-founding, to co-funding/financing or executive/business owner coaching.

All the power is consolidated in the Online Marketing Business Boost.

This offering is for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

(FREE coaching available for selected microfinancing clients.)

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Analytical Consultant

Analytical Consultant

BI + Data Science

Turn lots of raw company data into Big Business Profits fast.

Get actionable management insights from data visualized in KPI steering reports.

Construct stable big data ingestion patterns, quality assured data transformation pipelines, accurately effective prediction models and lead generating marketing/sales flow engines.

This offering is for large organizations and Corporates.


Mind Mentalist

Mind Mentalist

Master Hypnotist (graduated in Las Vegas)

Discover how to 're-program' your mind for a successful life.

As you listen to the sound of my voice… you'll find yourself booking me for a marvellously fun & safe mind-training at your company, convention, congress or event.

Choose from awesome 1 hour workshop themes like 'Become Your Ultimate SuperHero', 'Hack Your Mind Security Awareness' and 'Creative Solution Finding Professional'.

Information & Booking

Playing Man

Playing Man

For Adventurous Women

Attract Purpose and Passion with Masculine Power.

As a mature man there are opportunities everywhere around you to be seized.

Ideal for mid-aged brothers who want to up their physique and dating game for multiple relationships, and brave younger women who want to play with love & sensuality adventures and embrace beauty.

Not for average Joe or Jane.

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Companies Founded
Coaching & Consultancy Clients
Mind Trainings & Public Speaking Events
1st + 2nd Degree Network Connections


Projects delivered and products developed

Wrote 2 books (3rd book about to be released)
Gave various mind-trainings for groups
Consultancy projects done at large corporates and smaller companies
Many international academic and professional courses completed
Businesses (co)founded
Sensual plays and OMG Full Body Come-As-You-Are
Dozens of books reviewed
A handful of business and fun apps published

Quintus? Quant-Us!®

They say… what's in a name? Then I say: Every label you give something becomes your reality.

I, Quintus, combine 3 essential cutting-edge A-B-C skills that enable you to get Five Times The Results™ in a systematic and reliable consistent way.

Quant-Us is my package by which your company achieves its objectives in a data driven and reliable way, staying on track all of the time.

Once success begins to come into your life, all of a sudden it comes so easily and in such vast amounts, that you start to wonder where it has been hiding all that time before?

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Advanced Data Analytics


Business Intelligence


Computer Science



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